Musandam Governorate is the smallest region that is located in Oman at the top of the Arabian Peninsula. Musandam is a unique destination because it is physically separated from the main region Oman through the UAE. There are a lot of amazing places that can make your trip amazing and wonderful. Here is a detail description of some of the amazing places to visit in Musandam where you cannot stop yourself to enjoy.

  1. Khasab Castle

Khasab Castle is situated in Khasab, Musandam near the port of Khasab directly opposite the huge and imposing Lulu Hypermarket of Khasab that is an amazing place to visit in Khasab Musandam.

The present type of the castle was worked by the Portuguese in the seventeenth century on top of an antiquated past worked in old obscure times. The Portuguese colonized Khasab as a feature of their arrangement to take control over the Strait of Hormuz, yet they were expelled from Khasab by the Omanis around the year 1624. The castle stayed in control of the Omanis from that time. The palace was at first renovated in the year 1990 and after that again created to its present state in the year 2007.

Khasab Castle was utilized by the Omanis as an army installation to battle the Portuguese and later at the same time as a living arrangement of the Wali of Khasab and as a city jail.

The presentation features of the castle include around and hollow focal tower in the middle and a square molded external divider. The present stronghold compound elements a presentation about the historical backdrop of Musandam, a model of a conventionally raised summer house, a model of a date stockpiling, an exhibition of old documents, and numerous rooms showing gems, garments, weapons, kitchen gear, wedding improvements, and a Quran learning school.

The yard of Khasab Fort additionally shows three old Omani boats that start from the town of Kumzar in the northern piece of Musandam, alongside various standards and old water crafts showed at the entrance of the fort.

Khasab Fort is to be considered a standout amongst the most enjoyable fort to visit in Oman, it is to a great degree very much kept up and has various displays that represent numerous parts of old Khasab and Oman. Guests to Musandam ought not to pass up a major opportunity for going by this extraordinary fort.

You can spend an hour to visit equity and to investigate the bait al Qufl that is actually the ‘place of locks’, worked by an expertly skilled worker in the fort. The region of the district, these houses were worked with a story well ground level – one of a few elements keeping the house safe during the void summer months when the inhabitants moved to the shore to fish and collect dates. You can see leftovers of these houses in Rawdah Bowl, a two-hour off-road drive through the mountains. Likewise, in plain view is ‘Arish, a late spring house based on stilts to consider ventilation in the sweltering summer months.

  1. Khasab City

When you are visiting the Khasab Musandam it is impossible to not visit the Khasab city as an amazing place to visit in Khasab Musandam. Khasab is the capital of Musandam peninsula, Oman surrounded by more than 2000 meters high mountains above sea level and bordering the UAE. It has a great attraction for expats and thousands of tourists come here every year to explore the beauty of Musandam Fjords, Hajar Mountains, turquoise water and dolphins, the most amazing creature on the planets.

Khasab City Tour is one of Oman Day tours in which you can visit the capital of Musandam; Khasab is well known for its angling exercises and desert garden, with a population of 18,000. Khasab is situated in the chasm of Hormuz and ignoring the Arabian Gulf. Visit Oman then continues to Khasab, You will visit Fort of Khasab; the post goes back to the sixteenth century. The fort has an exhibition hall where presentations of Omani handiwork things are shown. At that point visit the old and new souk of Khasab. Later you will visit the Wadi Qadah with the old town Tawi. At that point you can see portrayed camels; boats and warriors made by ancient rock cutting on the profound inlet go back to around 2000 years.

  1. Telegraph Island

Telegraph Island (Jazirat al Maqlab) is a small, rough island in the Musandam Peninsula district of Oman, which with its fantastic fjords is regularly called the Norway of the Middle East and is considered the best destination to visit in Khasab Musandam.

Telegraph Island remained an essential key point, as proven by the choice of the British Government in 1904 to erect flagpoles there. Nonetheless, an understanding couldn’t come to about which banners to fly – the Union Jack or the Blue Ensign of the Royal India Marine. The previous would suggest power over the island, which Britain did not have, while the last may convey obligation on the British to safeguard it, which the administration did not need.

The Musandam Peninsula is a well-known visitor destination, with advanced lodgings in and around the town of Khasab and boat trips to the Elphinstone Inlet. Traveler dhow run day trips to Telegraph Island, tying up next to the island for a couple of hours while guests can ascend the strides and visit the disintegrating remains of the repeater station and administrators’ quarters. In any case, changes in the tide of a few feet can make it hard to land travelers at certain seasons of the day. Guests may likewise swim and snorkel in the encompassing waters. The inlet is quiet and shielded, and it is conceivable to see dolphins swimming nearby the dhows that advance toward and from Khasab.

  1. Musandam beach

Once you reach Khasab Musandam you would go to the sandy beach that is a wonderful place to visit in Khasab Musandam by speedboat or dhow. Here you could experience the wonderful night with your family and friends at the campsite. You would be provided all the necessary facilities including tents and sleeping equipment, meals at the campsite and Barbecue dinner and breakfast. Soft drinks, tea, water, and fruits would be unlimited provided at the campsite. The activities during the Musandam beach camping include;

  • Full day dhow tour Musandam Fjords
  • Visit Telegraph and Seebi Islands
  • Dolphin watching along the way
  • Two stops for snorkeling and swimming
  • Visit small fishing villages on dhow
  • Visit Nadifi, Qanah, Maqlab, and Seeb
  • An unforgettable Night stay in Beach camp

During the Musandam beach camping tour, you would have of choosing a tour package according to your choice. You can choose half or full day dhow tour trip according to guidelines and tour specifications. Other than this you can also have an overnight stay at the beach with dhow cruise. With a dhow cruise, you can enjoy a wonderful experience with our traditional Omani decorated dhow where you can comfortably sit on carpets and cushions. During this trip, you would visit the Khourshem Fjords where excellent, quiet, turquoise waters appear differently in relation to the rich, white limestone bluffs. During the trip we investigate little angling towns and the celebrated Telegraph Island and Seebi Island, there is likewise a probability of seeing dolphins along the way, we will make 2 stops for swimming and snorkeling close Telegraph Island and Seebi Island.

  1. Khor Shem

The longest and most sensational of all the Musandam Khors, Khor Ash Sham is an amazing place to visit in Khasab Musandam and remains extends for exactly 16km altogether, trimmed in the middle of two high lines of mountains, the exposed state of the rugged encompassing rocks offering a dreamlike appear differently in relation to the enticingly blue waters of the Khor itself. All water must be dispatched in by boat, while kids must drive to class in Khasab. Of course, the Khor-side settlements are turning out to be consistently depopulated as the more youthful era of villagers feels worn out on the fairly repetitive existence of their predecessors and get off to Khasab or the past.

You can visit the Khor Ash Sham through Omani traditional decorated Dhow cruise where carpets and cushions invite you to lounge and enjoy. On Dhow you are facilitated with unlimited fruits, soft drinks and water for 3-hour cruise through Khor Ash Sham, where you would have a chance to see small villages, snorkel and swim and see dolphins.

The water is clear and quiet and the red-rock Hajar Mountains drop drastically into the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, which reflect them back to explorers. These sharp mountains make a labyrinth-like arrangement of steep-sided fjords (Khors), precipices and islands, a large portion of them out of reach with the exception of by boat.

During the trip of Khor Ash Sham you would explore small villages including Nadifi, Qanaha, Maqlab and Telegraph Island. Along all these, you would have the option for full day and half day trip Khor Ash Sham.

  1. Kumzar Village

Kumzar is a town situated in Musandam, the northernmost territory of Oman. It is the most northerly possessed part of the nation and a wonderful destination to visit in Khasab Musandam that is situated on the Strait of Hormuz. The town is confined and just open by boat. Kumzar has been possessed for roughly 500 years, accurate records are troublesome. Early Portuguese maps of the zone highlight a settlement in the region.

Fishing is the prevailing wellspring of salary, fish, and sardines being the significant catch. Most families have two houses, one in Kumzar and the second in Khasab. The compelling warmth in the late spring makes Kumzar practically appalling and from May to September the vast majority leaves Kumzar to stay in Khasab. In Khasab the Kumzaris are ordinarily neutralist, having their own locale; which is near the ocean and where all the houses are assembled.

Town of Kumzar is available just accessible by boat. It takes around one hour to achieve Kumzar from Khasab by means of Speedboat and around two hours on the off chance that you go with Dhow Cruise. The trip offers stunning perspectives of ocean precipices and Goat Island. The outing is an astonishing approach to submerge yourself in the magnificence of the ocean and islands as you advance toward Kumzar Village. People of Kumzar village their own boats which they use for fishing, tourism or transport for the people or goods. There are different packages offered by different tourism companies for Kumzar village trip e.g. 2 days 3 nights Dhow Cruise, Camping, Kumzar village and mountain safari package.

  1. Bassa Beach

On the off chance that you ever get to Musandam, try to look at this phenomenal place to visit in Khasab Musandam that is called public beach in Khasab. Bassa Beach is found instantly on the right half of the Golden Tulip Hotel there. The water is a perfectly smooth white close to the shore and is the same shading one can discover at the delightful Fins shoreline while in transit to Sur from Quriyat.

Khasab is a decent place for a swim. Bassa Beach is a leave the ship terminal, however, has a dazzling sandy shoreline with palm umbrellas (and toilets). The wild outdoors is allowable here and delightful shells frequently clean up at the tent folds when the climate is harsh.

  1. Khor Al Najd

Drive north towards and past Ras Al Khaimah to the Musandam border, then proceed with the delightful winding beachfront street for around 50km, round to Khasab. Drive south through Khasab until you get to Wadi Khasab: take a left here onto the track and take after the signs to Dibba.

This is a lovely beach area and an amazing destination to visit in Khasab Musandam that is concealed far from all streets and city clamor. It’s awesome for blazes, marshmallows and apparition stories. For those going with a guide, a kayak session along the mountain face dropping into the ocean is stunning, particularly through a portion of the open caverns.

Ground mats are required for outdoors here, as the ground is hard, particularly in the event that you camp farther from the ocean to keep away from high tide. It’s a smart thought to drive here in a 4×4, as the street over the mountain to the shoreline is made of rock, and can get very steep on occasion.

Go arranged because there are no stores or petrol stations near this region. Go with a mate, and ideally in a two-auto guard. Likewise, there’s an old burial ground at the base of the mountain; be deferential of this and don’t set up camp excessively close.

  1. Hajar Mountains

The Al Hajar Mountains in northeastern Oman Furthermore the eastern United Arab Emirates are the most noteworthy mountain range in the eastern Arabian promontory. They isolate the low seaside plain of Oman from the high leave level and lie 50–100 km inland from the Gulf of Oman coast.

Geographically, Al Hajar Mountains are the continuation of the Zagros Mountains and were primarily shaped in the Miocene and Pliocene as the Arabian Plate crashed into and pushed against the Iranian Plate. These mountains are mostly made of Cretaceous limestones and ophiolites.

The mountains are rich in vegetation contrasted with the greater part of Arabia, including various endemic species. Organic product trees, for example, pomegranate and apricot are developed in the cool valleys and in spots, there are rough outcrops with little vegetation.

Various flying creatures are found in the mountains, including Egyptian and lappet-confronted vultures. Well evolved creatures incorporate mountain gazelles and the Arabian Tahr which is endemic to the Al Hajar.

There are 11 checked trails or routes of changing force (between Grade 1 to 3) and length (between 1.5 hours to 18hours) distributed by Ministry or Tourism, Oman along the Hajar Mountain range.

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