Looking for camping sites in Musandam with facilities? We have compiled a list of all Musandam camping sites. Musandam has a lot more to offer you in shape of small sandy beaches, wild mountains, small wadis, friendly dolphins, snorkeling swimming and traditional Dhow cruises. Get your four wheel drive or book a mountain safari if you are looking to explore the Hajar Mountains and want to camp there.

Musandam Camping Sites

Musandam Camping Sites:

Musandam camping sites offer an unforgettable camping experience. Everyone should try camping at least once in their life. The feeling of freedom and peace that you get from just a one-night Musandam camping trip could even change your perspective on life

“It’s also an insane amount of fun and possibly the best way to make new friends or just spend some excellent quality time with existing ones. If you are going to visit Musandam, there are some amazing spots around both Khasab and Dibba for overnight camping. From the Rocky Mountains to deserted beaches, the region’s diverse and rugged terrain ­provides some excellent backdrops for ­setting up camp – whether you’re a novice or a camping pro.

 Camping Sites In Musandam With Facilities

  • Saif Al Ghareeb Beach Khasab Musandam
  • Bassa Beach Khasab Musandam
  • Khor Al Najd Khasab Musandam
  • Acacia forest, Wadi Sall Ala, Khasab Musandam
  • Bukha Beaches – Musandam Oman

Saif Al Ghareeb – Camping Sites In Musandam With Facilities

If you are looking for a camping site in Musandam with facilities, then you should opt for Khasab Musandam beach camping inside the Musandam Fjords. You will not be able to find the better beach camping facilities other than this place. Book an overnight beach camping with full day dhow cruise, half day dhow cruise or only one-night beach camping and forget about worrying for all arrangements. Just grab your swimming suit and rest you will be provided.

Khasab Musandam Overnight Beach Camping Includes:

  • Speedboat transfer to and from campsite
  • Dinner at Khasab Musandam camping site
  • Breakfast at Musandam beach campsite
  • Unlimited cold drinks on Musandam campsite
  • Omani tea, coffee, plain and fresh water
  • Basic toilet and shower facility on beach camping site
  • wood fire, background music and chairs to relax and enjoy
  • Sleeping arrangements include tents, mattresses, and pillows
  • Blankets, bed sheets, and comfortable sleeping arrangements.


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Bassa Beach – Camping Sites In Musandam

Bassa beach is accessible by car or any other transport. It is located after the Attana Khasab Hotel, on the left side and just before the Khasab Ferry’s and cruise ship port. It is the largest public beach in Khasab Musandam access able by road. You can camp here and it is perfectly safe and free of charge but being close to the road it is bit noisy and crowded. Most of the tourists camp here in camping season.

From the Musandam camping site, you can access city easily. You will be able to have washroom and water facility on the campsite just along the road. If you are camping here you will need to bring everything. Tents, sleeping arrangements, firewood, coal or gas stove to keep you warm at night when it is cold.

 Khor Najd – Camping Sites In Musandam

You can camp on the rim of this wild bay although it’s often too shallow and muddy for a good swim. The viewpoint at the top of the graded road, however, is stunning and worth the visit for its own sake. This is the view that is most often chosen in tourist literature to promote Musandam.

This lagoon (Khor Najd) is one of the largest in the Governorate of Musandam and is from the word ‘help’ in Arabic. At times of distress, travelers and traders laid up there during bad weather conditions at sea.

Khor Najd can be reached either by traditional sea vessels (4 hours) from Khasab through the Strait of Hormuz, or by four-wheel drives along a beautiful mountain road (30 minutes), overlooking panoramic views of the lagoon from a height of 420 metres, where the tourist can revel in majestic scenery of sea and mountain.

If you are fortunate to have a four-wheel access, braving the dirt road to the beach at Khor Najd offers a near perfect spot for lunch and a break from driving. Bring plenty of water and food and camping arrangements with you. With its impressive roads, friendly people and mystifying landscape, Musandam and the rest of Oman reward those who travel to this corner of the Arabian Peninsula.

Acacia forest, Wadi Sall Ala – Musandam Camping Sites

Acacia forest know as Wadi Sall Ala, Khasab Musandam is an alternative for beach camping in Musandam. This site is full of Acacia trees and surrounded by mighty mountains. You can climb up to the mountains to have a view of complete Wadi. You will be able to find toilets, water facility, and shelters to protect you from rain or storm. Follow the road to Khor Najd from Khasab and drive to the dead end. Wadi Sall Sala will be on your right-hand side.

Bukha Beaches – Musandam Camping Sites

Just after a few kilometers crossing UAE-Oman border you will find a large sandy beach. This is called Bukha Beach and have a fantastic view. Here you will be able to camp on the beach and explore the small park alongside, Bukha Sultan Al Qaboos Mosque, Bukha Fort and Bukha city. Being close to the road it may be a little bit noisy but this beach can be accessed by any vehicle.

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