Things To Do In Khasab Musandam Oman

Khasab is the capital of Musandam peninsula, Oman surrounded by more than 2000 meters high mountains above sea level and bordering the UAE. It has a great attraction for expats and thousands of tourists come here every year to explore the beauty of Musandam fjords, Hajar Mountains, turquoise water and dolphins, the most amazing creature on the planets.  If you are planning to visit Khasab Musandam, you will be wondered with the sea beauty that starts from the Khasab coastal highway accompanying from UAE.

History of Khasab

The Khasab was built by the Portuguese toward the start of the seventeenth century, at the tallness of their maritime nearness in the region. The characteristic harbor gave cover from extreme oceans. Dissimilar to numerous fortresses, which were based on high ground for protective purposes, Khasab was composed as a supply point for dates and water for Portuguese boats cruising through the strait. Today, Khasab is shielded from surges by three huge dams.

Geography of Khasab

Basically Khasab is located 500km far from the Muscat and it is prestigious for its amazing mountains, untainted shorelines and steep wadis. Aside from the excellence that lies over the waters, Musandam likewise has a rich and bright underwater world, abounding with fluctuated marine life accommodating some terrific snorkeling, scuba jumping and angling. The lofty fjords specked with islands and the completely clear waters, shining in the sun alongside the Khasab Fort. The Telegraph Island and submerged undertakings represent a really important occasion in the Khasab.

 Economy of Khasab

The access towards the Khasab by land was impossible until the modern coast road was built that permits the fast access from the UAE and it makes the Khasab a most popular holiday destination for those people who are living in the Emirates. With the help of new road the access to the Village of Tawi is also possible where the historic drawings of boats, animals and warriors can be seen and enjoyed. There are also a number of shopping areas in the Khasab providing imported Irani goods and pottery that is locally created. There are also few well known hotels to stay, including Khasab hotel, Atana Musandam Resort and Atana Khasab hotel that has a wonderful view of the Persian Gulf.

Value of Khasab

Khasab is valued all over the world for tourists’because of its amazing attractions. There are thousands of visitors who came every year in the Khasab and enjoy the amazing places and natural beauty of Khasab. In the sense of economy Khasab is valued for imported Irani goods and locally created pottery. It is also most visited place every year because of its amazing mountains, untainted shorelines, natural dolphin watching, Khasab city tour, telegraph Island and much more. Khasab cannot be judged because of its any single quality, but it is full of amazing places and natural sceneries. Anyone who comes over here cannot stop him/herself to enjoy the beauties of Khasab.

Getting to Khasab

  1. Muscat ferry boat: –There is an option Muscat ferry boat to get into the Khasab. This ferry travels on every Monday and Thursday at 12pm and it takes almost 5 hours to get into Khasab. There is free wireless internet provided during the travel. Lunch, snacks and beverage are also included in the ticket price. You are advised to get your ferry ticket in advance to confirm your seat on the boat. Prices for ferry tickets are:

Business class ticket: Return 85 Rials/ One way 45 Rials.

Tourist class: Return 44 Rials/One way 23 Rials.

  1. Fly from Muscat to Khasab: – Flights for fly from Muscat to Khasab go on daily bases for a 45 minute flight and prices for this flight is 25 Rials one way.
  2. Driving from United Arab Emirates: –It is very easy for everyone to drive from Dubai or any other Emirates towards the Khasab through the northern road that goes towards the Ras al Khaimah and travelling north towards the border. It is very comfortable to travel on the road because it is in very excellent condition. An Omani visa for getting to Khasab costs AED 50 (Dirhams) for most of the nationalities and can be purchased specifically at the border.
  3. Taxi from Ras al Khaimah to Musandam border crossing: – There is an option for you to take a taxi from the Ras al Khaimah to the border of United Arab Emirates and Ras Musandam Peninsula. But on the other side you would not find any taxi. It is routine for trucks to daily pass out the border so you can ask the Omani police officer to help you to get a ride in one of these trucks covering all the distance of Khasab. The cost of taxi for 36km ride on the Emirates costs 56 Dirhams.
  4. Cruise Ships: –Cruise ships regularly dock at Khasab or stay off the coast and delicate aground. They regularly offer transport from the port to the town There are not very many taxis in Khasab, which makes autonomous visiting dubious, however the nearby visit organizations tout at the port passageway offering Dhow dolphin trips along the coast (for the most part around 3-4hrs), which are as a rule at a small amount of the expense of sorts out shore journeys.

Khasab weather

Khasab has a hot desert atmosphere with exceptionally hot summers and mellow winters. Precipitation is low, and for the most part tumbles from December to March.

The Airport of Khasab, found a couple of miles inland from the coast, on 27 June 2011, recorded the world date-book day most elevated least temperature of 41.2 °C (106.2 °F) until Death Valley, California broke the record by 0.5 °C (around 1 °F) on July 12, 2012.

So you are recommended to bring your clothes according to the weather of Khasab and it can be confirmed when you are booking for your tour from the advisor.

Things to do in Khasab

There are a lot of amazing activities arranged by the company for you to enjoy the every moment of your trip. So there is no need to be worried about the enjoyment, you will not feel bored for every moment of your trip. Here is a compiled list of activities that you will enjoy during your trip.

  • Dhow Cruises
  • Village of Tawi Rock Paintings
  • City walks by night
  • 4WD Mountain Safari
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming
  • Dolphin watches
  • Beach camping
  • Banana boat riding
  • Kayaking
  • Trekking

Places to see in Khasab

There are not only activities that you will enjoy, but there are also some amazing that you will also visit during your trip. There is such a wonderful place that anyone who comes over here cannot stop him/herself to visit those places. Here is a list of those places that you will see and visit on your tour.

  • Khasab Castle
  • Alkmazrh Fort
  • Khasab Dhow Port
  • Khasab Palm Groves
  • Telegraph island
  • Musandam beach
  • Seebi island

Overnight Stay in Khasab Musandam

Looking for night stay in Khasab Musandam? Here are couple of amazing options to spend a night in Khasab Musandam.

Overnight Stay At Beach Camping

Khasab Musandam beach Camping would offer you open air outdoors on a mystical sandy beach inside “Musandam Fjords”. You would have a chance to experience romantic evenings with your loved ones on Khasab beach campground inside Musandam under the starry sky on a remote zone of Musandam Peninsula in Oman with our Khasab Musandam beach outdoors with dhow journey visit boundless. You would have a chance to enjoy an astounding dhow journey involvement with a conventional adorned Omani Dhows where you can sit easily on Irani cushions and carpets. Voyage to the Khourshem Fjords, where lovely, quiet, turquoise waters appear differently in relation to the rich, white limestone bluffs.

Overnight Stay On Dhow Boat

With the overnight stay on a dhow boat you can enjoy an unforgettable day cruising along the Fjords of Musandam on a traditionally decorated Omani Dhow and you can enjoy an overnight stay on the luxury dhow that is called RUBBA. With the overnight stay on the dhow boat trip on RABBA you would have an unforgettable experience enjoying the sailing with dolphins in the most amazing spot of Musandam Region where you have the chance to share your spirit with the sea by fishing, diving and snorkeling or simply swimming and relaxing. The tour of overnight stays on boat includes a full day cruise along the Fjords of Musandam and you will enjoy amazing cooking and relaxation on Omani decorated luxury dhow RUBBA.

Khasab Musandam Hotels For Overnight Stay

Here is a compiled list of hotels in Khasab Musandam where you can stay during your trip.

  • Hotel Golden Tulip Resort Khasab
  • Khasab Hotel
  • Bin Majid Beach Hotel
  • Atana Khasab Hotel
  • Al Taif Accommodation
  • You should be keeping in mind that always books your hotel in advance because it will be difficult to receive the hotel accommodation in your selected hotels during the public holidays. So you are recommended to call and talk to the hotel admin to confirm the bookings of room before you start your trip.

Khasab Musandam is a great attraction for tourists from all over the world. It has so much to entertain you with natural beauty. You can get in Khasab, Musandam by road, flight or dhow boat. As well as you can also hire a private car with certain requirements. You should visit the Khasab Musandam to see the natural beauty and beautiful places of Khasab that cannot be ignored by any tourist. There are a lot of fun activities to do in Khasab including swimming, snorkeling, dhow cruise, trekking, dolphin watching and much more. Along the tour packages you would also get unlimited fresh fruits, water, juices, buffet lunch and certain necessary equipment’s but you would have to pay for hotel booking and visa fee, etc. before planning for Khasab Musandam trip from Dubai you have to fulfill the certain requirements of the visa according to your profession and nationality. In case of your own car; car insurance would be necessary at the entry of Oman border. You would enjoy an overnight stay at beach camping and dhow boat during your trip. Along all these we will also facilitate you with the best overnight stay at Khasab Musandam hotel.

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